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Prevent + Correct Duo

2-Piece Duo


LaserAway aesthetic treatments are famous for being both preventative and corrective, halting skin conditions from forming while improving the appearance of existing ones. And the best way to make those results last? A daily SkinFitness™ routine featuring two of our most essential products! Correct discoloration with Lighten Up Dark Spot Corrector, and improve texture and tone overnight with My Hero Retinol Repair Night Serum.

One Size


Lighten Up Dark Spot Corrector corrects unwanted skin discoloration, and prevents new dark spots from forming on the face and body with an exclusive brightening complex of Tranexamic Acid and Kojic Acid. Niacinamide and a Brightening Peptide help to control and fade the look of dark spots.

My Hero Retinol Repair Night Serum calls on the concentrated power of Retinol to improve skin tone, texture and clarity overnight. It diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while replenishing moisture for smooth, hydrated, fit skin.

Full ingredients
Lighten Up Dark Spot Corrector: Tranexamic Acid, Kojic Acid, Niacinamide and Skin-Brightening Peptides Complex. Get the full ingredient list here.
My Hero Retinol Repair Night Serum: Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid Complex and Skin-Firming Peptides. Get the full ingredient list here.
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LaserAway Beauty only uses ingredients scientifically proven to improve skin health, or what we refer to as SkinFitness™. Our formulations use the most advanced ingredient technologies at clinically effective levels to assure maximum performance and optimal results. We are dermatologist-developed, clinically tested and irritancy tested.


All LaserAway Beauty products are 100% vegan, and are formulated WITHOUT comedogenic ingredients, parabens, phthalates, artificial colors, drying alcohol and harsh sulfates.


Parabens free

phthalates free

non artificial colors

How to work Prevent + Correct Duo Into your routine

At night, apply one to two pumps of My Hero Retinol Repair Night Serum to clean skin, avoiding eye area. If you have not previously used a retinol treatment, start twice a week and then every other night. Once your skin has acclimated, continue using it every night.

Apply Lighten Up Dark Spot Corrector at night or in the morning. At night, layer after My Hero or alternate each product every other day. Apply one to two pumps over face, neck or other areas of discoloration avoiding eye area and lips. Follow with Drenched Peptide Enriched Moisturizer or your usual moisturizer. In the morning, follow with BFF SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen and reduce sun exposure the following morning or if layering during the day. Limit initial use to a few times a week, pending skin tolerance, increase frequency.

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